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Ancient Classic Art Transformed into Family Heirlooms

We offer you a great many styles and designs which are inspired by cultural art of many regions, and we offer you the ability to have your totally unique and custom design done as well. Below is a chart so that you can begin to start designing your own custom wedding rings! The art laid out flat is the length listed in the table, the width remember must give the rings and design a good area to be defined. We always plan for a sizing space!!!

4 1/4
6 1/4
8 1/4
10 1/4
12 1/4
4 1/2
6 1/2
8 1/2
10 1/2
12 1/2
4 3/4
6 3/4
8 3/4
10 3/4
12 3/4
5 1/4
7 1/4
9 1/4
11 1/4
13 1/4
5 1/2
7 1/2
9 1/2
11 1/2
13 1/2
5 3/4
7 3/4
9 3/4
11 3/4
13 3/4

Let's say that yer a size 10 guy and you want to design a wedding ring that is 7mm wide, patterned and unique... You can start by using this bounding box... Say you wanted a 7mm size 10 design, you'd start with a rectangle that was 65.6mm long and 7mm wide, or that aspect ratio in a much larger drawing, minus a small amount for a sizing area...

Here's a chart for determining your length and the bounding box for your custom design. Size 10 US equals 65.6mm in length, in this case your "bounding box" would be 7mm wide, 65.6mm in length, leaving a planned sizing area... Continuous designs can be specifically requested at the time of the order, an average custom design fee is $125* to process your art/idea. We also can make the design a total one of a kind too, Here's a policy page about retiring designs, and the mold.. *revisions and changes are bid, complex multi-sided project will start at $250 for the art and masters.. So, if you were to draw a box, using this aspect ratio, you will have the start to designing your own rings. Note that I always leave a sizing area for expansion too, that is a smart and forward thinking approach, since sizing in a person's life is nearly guaranteed. No sense to let the local talent blast the pattern, if we plan for sizing now you will be much happier later.

I wanted to make a page which explains a few of the terms we use in the designing and building of the celtic and patterned wedding bands. Terms we use to refer to how you want your rings individualized. Since we make these the way you ask, there are no rules. . I need clear guidelines, a clearly defined project, and the rest is easy!

Single Color, with imaged "Borders" (edges defined within the design)
As the celtic rings shown, this is where I take the design and place a border at the edges of it, but this is imaged in the design, not an added soldered on rail. I make the border narrow so the design can have room to be defined, and while some designs are great for platinum, more fine line and intricate designs are not. Platinum Patterned Wedding Bands have their own page... The resolution in platinum suffers from the high temprature process, but 18Kt white gold is perfect for all designs, including very complex designs. No all designs are great in platinum, so ask first please! We build these ourselves, custom to order, and we can use your art work!!! I charge $100-$150 to process yer art for flat bands. I can of course design something special for you based on your input and elements.

Designs with added Rails, (installing side rings)
When we add rails we're actually building three rings, and joining them together, and this is generally also where we are using a contrasting color for the rails. You can supply your own art too! Unlike the strip mall jewelers you "thought were jewelers" we actually make these lovely rings to order, and we can indeed use your art, for an amazing result. Remember when considering "adding rails" that this also adds approximately 1.5mm for each rail, so with a center design of 5mm added rails will take the over all width to 8mm... I comfort-fit all rings for easy wear.
Here's a policy page about retiring designs, and the mold...

Adding a Bezel or Crown to the Celtic Bands (Installing Diamonds)
Adding diamonds to the design is a snap, and the way that keeps in the ancient traditional look the best is the bezel. We can set Ovals in Bezels or rounds, and we have even use a few Triangles and other shapes as well, and please do remember, "we can make anything you want here, so the only limitations are your imagination!" Adding a gold bezel to the celtic design will cost you about $75-$250 depending on the shape and size, and to add a platinum bezel you should expect to see a added charge of $150-$300, depending on shape and size of course. *Be sure and send the file name of the project you liked the look of too, for we make the rails in different subtile shapes too, and widths, to achieve a uniquely custom look, so either very rounded or slightly domed, or rather flat across, the look you want is what we shall build you.

Celtic Cathedrals.
This form allows a rich and ample canvas for designs and orinmenation. The choice of designs is endless, and for framing a center stone with a rich design there is no better form. Wearable as well, the Tradeshop Celtic Cathedral's are generally tapered, where the upper framing area is just slightly wider than the stone, tapering down. I comfort-fit all my rings so that the inside edge is rolled for very easy wear, and the rings are nicely substantial as well so retaining their shape or design is not a problem. Any of my house designs or your custom design can be rendered into this form for a truly unique and personalize result. Another feature of this form is that it has a straight side, which translates to mean that you are not restricted to having to make a form fitted ring to conform to it's shape, "any straight band works perfectly!" A nice eternity ring, narrow band or existing ring will fit flush to it's flat sides.

Fantasy Productions and Design Projects
I love challenges and taking creative ideas and planning for world class results. I show many examples of very original and unique design projects I have done for others to inspire you to think about what is possible, and to see that your idea can come into the world most excellently as well. It is hard to comment on a good general set of guideline for what is basically unlimited possibilities, but I can say this. I take very seriously ideas submitted to me, and I seek to take those ideas and champion creative and artistic translations of them for client wanting to create something unique. I use my over thirty five years of experience to assure that structure is never sacrificed to artistic ends. Wearable art which actually works.
Generally multisided more elaborate projects might run between $200-$300 to create your design for you. Once the master is made the finished weight can be calculated.

Dreams coming true, affordably. If you enjoy quality & detail you will love what we do here.
Custom design services available, email your art!!! Call 800-224-8086 to learn more today!

CelticRings.com is a subsidiary of Tradeshop Incorporated. Custom designs, and a wide range of services are available, so be sure and send your request today! No clerks, this site is founded by a 25 year owner of Oregon's largest wholesale union tradeshop, dedicated to supreme quality, and value. Be sure and see the Client Preview page, it is always bursting with outstanding examples.If I sound like the personal jeweler you have always sought email me now about your dream project, and watch it come true. There is no reason to build uninspired light weight commercial designs at all now. If you can see the difference your my kind of customer, and I invite you to call me personally.

These rings are individually "hand made", I do no mass production at all..
Regardless if your original design, or a tested and proven house pattern, my quest is to provide you with the finest of symbols in which you can invest meaning.three-books-vvsm.jpeg. Call me and let's plan building that dream project today.

Dreams can come true, very affordably!
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