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Metal Choices and the real differences between them

For excellent detail and results the metal which is used does have some bearing on your most logical choice. The three metals we champion are platinum, gold and silver. For practical purposes the choice for a white metal ring might well be clarified here for you, and my hope is to aid you in finding the best possible result for your vision, and suggest where I feel I can bring sound information to help you.

Platinum: (Melting point 1773°C), (specific gravity 21.45)

Platinum is a great choice for a design that is strong and well defined. The design should be strong and the width reasonable for rings made of platinum, the metal melting point is very high and the finer lines and details are slightly less defined in platinum as a rule, so compensating and taking extra care on the strength of a pattern and design I do by default. For those who want a substantial feel and a weighty nature platinum is an excellent choice as well. Since I design and build rings one at a time I can use the experience and judgement based on thousands of previous projects to guide your vision towards the light.

Gold: (Melting point 1063°C), (specific gravity 19.32)
Gold is a most excellent choice for any and all designs, since the metal casts at a lower threashold it also tends to maintain the detail extremely well in general. For a white metal gold is a great choice, with 18Kt white gold being a stiffer and harder metal than is 14Kt white gold. I personally like 18Kt white gold for the hard shine and most excellent polish it takes. For ultimate contrast in gold the 18Kt white gold and 18Kt warm yellow gold are amazing fine. For rose and green golds just ask, we do cast in less common colors as well.

Silver: (Melting point 961°C, (specific gravity 10.49)
Silver is a great metal for band rings and jewelry, it is by nature also a metal which was traditionally widely used in the creation of jewelry in ancient times, so I do like silver for most designs as well. The lower cost of silver by comparison is appealing of course, and the only real downside is that silver is a softer metal and will show impacts and wear much faster than will gold or platinum. Silver also tends to oxidize as well, so that process starts to almost immediately take the high polish and mute it. The density and weight of silver is roughly half that of platinum, and as a less dense metal wear is somewhat greater for silver. Silver is a good contrasting metal with yellow gold as well, with a softer and almost foggy quality to it than the hard polish gold and platinum take.

Time to Build your Family Heirloom: (Suggested Timelines for our very best results)
For the initial stage I do the designs and make the molds, with this process generally taking less than a week to work the design into form, finger size and meet the speficiations in a master pattern which is ready to mold and cast the original from. Once a master is done it is generally about a week to week and a half to build in gold and silver, in platinum I like to add a day or two in general but most things are accomplished in a two to two and a half week time frame to the best result.

How to Design your own Family Heirloom Wedding Band Ring Design.

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